Company Profile

Our Mission
We at Chrome Dome Motorcycle Products believe that you deserve total satisfaction when you order products for your motorcycle. We also believe that you deserve a high quality product made of superior materials. We will always strive to give you 100% satisfaction. Your money is hard earned and we know that you have to make sacrifices to pay the price for USA made quality products.

Motorcycles are our passion! We create totally unique pieces of art to accessorize your Harley or Indian. Watch us grow, watch as we continue to create beautiful original works of art for your ride. We want to become one of your favorite places to shop.

You don’t settle for mediocre and neither do we! Our Polishers and Chromers are the very best in the industry, it takes a special commitment to quality to become a Chrome Dome vendor. We simply won’t settle for anything short of exceptional.

Chrome Dome Motorcycle Products Story

Chrome Dome Motorcycle Products is all about two guys displaying the true grit it takes to brain storm dynamite ideas and then make them happen. For us this isn’t just a fun thing to have as a hobby, it’s a true passion and labor of love.

Our products are first sculpted from clay by John Ketner one of the most artistic guys in the business. John is also 1/2 owner of Chrome Dome Motorcycle Products, Inc. Is there any reason to believe he will accept anything less than perfect? I don’t think so! He’s way too proud of his work to turn out anything but drop dead gorgeous pieces of art. Want Proof? Just look at our products! We absolutely will not put junk on our bikes and we don’t expect you too either!

We offer several models and several options in our product categories because we know what you, our customers want. You want to be different, you want to make a statement and you want a choice. 

That’s exactly what we are giving you. We give you the icing on the cake…the finishing touch…the “where in the hell did you get that” look!

We will introduce each work of art in a fashion that no aftermarket company ever has. You can typically find most of your motorcycle accessories browsing through just about any aftermarket web site. What you won’t find is an intense hand sculpted work of art that will beautify and personalize your motorcycle.

There are numerous product ideas currently sprawled across our drawing table here at CDMP. Like any great work of art, products develop in their own time and we will be introducing them as each part is perfected to the show quality that you, our customers deserve.

Thank you for looking at our site and please stop back often to see our new and exciting products.